An Unpleasant Adventure: Micah's First Hospital Stay

It seems that every time I vow to do better about blogging regularly, life comes along and shoves me right off track. This time, it's taken a little while to pick myself, and my baby, up and recover my footing, but I'm back, and I hope to actually entertain you with some of the upcoming posts I mentioned a few weeks ago. But before I do that, I wanted to share the unpleasant adventure we survived last week. Baby girl endured her first trip to the hospital. It was not pleasant, nor was it fun, and I do not wish it upon anyone. Did you know that hospital cribs look like tiny little baby jail cells?

Twas awful.

Micah caught a nasty little stomach bug (as did I) that threw her little system (and my grown up one) for a major loop last week. She threw up once on Friday and once on Saturday, but Sunday morning the floodgates opened and she couldn't keep anything down. We stopped in at the hospital when she was so lethargic she couldn't lift her head if she wanted.

If you know my baby, you know that she's a bundle of energy. She does not like to be cuddled. She wants to be crawling around exploring her world and playing all. the. time. She hates being held like this:


But she was so out of it that she voluntarily laid her head down on her daddy's chest while we were in the ER. If you ever go to the emergency room and they usher you to a room immediately, you know that it's serious. My poor pitiful baby was very, very sick. She was severely dehydrated, and her blood sugar had dropped to 50. Once they got an IV in, she perked up a bit.


But she was still pretty puny. Monday she was able to keep down a bit of Gatorade, so they let us go home, but it soon became obvious that the virus was still ravaging her little tummy. Tuesday morning she couldn't even keep down a teaspoon of Gatorade. A teaspoon! Do you know how minuscule a teaspoon is?

It was scary. Very, very scary, but thankfully, we finally got the vomiting under control and she's back to normal now. And let me just say that she's hungry. Very, very hungry. Which is good, since she lost a whole pound while she was sick. That's a lot for such a tiny little girl.

Anyway, many of you knew all of this already, but I wanted to write and thank you for all of the prayers and kindness you showed us last week. We needed your help, and you provided in a very real way. We're more grateful for your love and support than you'll ever know.

Until next time, grace and peace.