It's a Winter Wonderland Around Here!

They've been predicting a blizzard around these parts for the past several days. Dennis and I scoffed a little bit at the forecasts, because if there's one thing you learn growing up in the South, it's never to count on the promises of snow.

But this time, much to the delight of schoolkids everywhere, they were right.

The snow began falling late last night and continued on for several hours.

We awoke this morning to eight inches of snow blanketing our little house, and after we got some breakfast in our bellies, we headed straight outside to play for a bit.


Micah wasn't so sure about the snow at first, and even after she got used to the fluffy white stuff, the snow was far too deep for her to walk around and play. But that didn't stop her from having a good time.

After her mittens were soaked through and her little cheeks glowed bright red, we decided it was time to head inside to warm up. Micah wasn't so fond of going inside, and she let us know exactly how she felt.

I hope all of you in the South are enjoying the treat of a Snow Day. Stay warm, and enjoy the white stuff!

Until next time, grace and peace.