A Sick Baby


Welp, when I told you that God was going to work on me about taking things in stride, I wasn't kidding. Last week, with Micah at my parents' house, I managed to complete two major writing assignments, fill a slew of etsy orders, straighten up the house, tackle a pile of laundry and, wait for it, sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Exciting, I know.

Life around here had been restored to order.

And then we picked Micah up, and she had a nasty little cough that has only gotten worse since then. Dennis took her to the doctor Sunday morning (yes, our pediatrician is open), and although he didn't say the word out loud to Dennis, on our copy of her chart, he checked the box next to bronchitis. My poor baby sounds like she's going to puke up her guts every time she coughs. It's awful.

Apparently, as the medicine does its work and loosens up all the gunk in her chest, it will get worse, which is no fun. I'm actually hoping that she throws up soon just to get some of it out of her system.

All of that to say, when God wants to work on something with you, he doesn't play around. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Micah's handling it better than I am, I think. I feel so badly for her when the coughs rack her body hard enough to throw her down. But it hasn't really slowed her down. She coughs and gags a few times, then she goes back to playing. She's a livewire, I tell you.

Anyway, if you're the praying type, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for our little girl.

Until next time, grace and peace.