A Tiny Little Ponytail

tiny little ponytail

Seriously. Is there anything cuter than this little ponytail? Wednesday was the first day I pulled Micah's hair back, and I admit, I'm smitten with those blonde curls on the back of her head. So precious! We played outside for a long time before I had to go to church. She "helped" Dennis change the oil, and I even managed to snag a picture of the two of us together. That rarely happens, you know, but I'm trying to do better about it.

I read a post on Under the Sycamore last week about "getting in the shot" that inspired me to make it work. I'm always a little too sheepish to ask other people to take my picture, and I'm also a little protective of my camera. But as I've looked back through pictures from the past year and a half, there are only a tiny handful of shots with both me and Micah in them. That should change. I'm committed to taking at least one picture a month with her. That may not sound like much, but it's infinitely better than what we're doing now. Perhaps it will be a small exercise in helping me be more disciplined and intentional.

How do you get in pictures with your kids? Are you always behind the camera, or do you ever make it in front of the lens? Let me know your tips and tricks!

Until next time, grace and peace.