Adventures in Toddlerhood: 18 Months

More and more lately, I find myself realizing that I'm the mother of a little girl, not a baby. Every time I blink, it seems, more of the baby falls off of Micah. At 18.9 months old, my little girl is in full-blown toddlerhood. She loves to talk on the phone (or any rectangular shaped object that she can make into a phone), and she babbles all day long. Her favorite word is bow, but she's also very fond of plo, which can mean plate or pillow, because obviously, they're the same thing. If I tried to list all the words she says, I'm sure that I'd miss some, but she's getting really good at matching animals with the sounds they make. "Micah, what's the dog say?" is sure to draw a dog sound from her, and just yesterday, she learned that sheep say baaa.


She's a mess, that one is, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. At her 18-month checkup, the doctor was amazed at how much she's grown in the past six months, and honestly, so am I. At 12 months, Micah still wore 9-month clothes, but she's grown so quickly that she now wears a 2T in some things. She went from being too tiny to even register on the growth chart to reaching {almost} the 75th percentile in height and the 60th percentile in weight. Now that's a growth spurt, people.

She sleeps for 12 hours at night and takes one nap a day, and on Sunday, she pooped in the potty for the first time. That same night, we ditched the paci and haven't looked back. Of course, after she used the potty Sunday, she pooped in her diaper four times on Monday, so we obviously have a long way to go, but still, babies don't use the potty. Big girls do. I'm telling you people, the baby is disappearing and being replaced by a sassy little lady. And she is definitely sassy. She loves shoes {pronounced shooos}, and she knows where to find them in her room. She demands a hairbow and likes to carry her "purse" around.


At the same time, she is her father's child. She was intrigued when Dennis changed the oil last week, and she's certainly not afraid to play in the dirt. If you know Dennis at all, you know that at his core, he's a hard worker. He can make or fix anything, and Micah's following in her daddy's footsteps. At least she knows how to swing a hammer.

Like Father, Like...Daughter from Leslie Ann Jones on Vimeo.

Hope you're all doing well. I'm sure there will be more tales of Micah's hijinks in the future.

Until next time, grace and peace.