Blowing off the Dust

Have you missed me? Last week I told you that life had been wild lately, and I wasn't kidding. Thankfully, things have slowed down a bit since I closed the etsy shop and the submission deadlines for the latest Minted challenges have passed. There is much to fill you in on. For now, how about some snapshots from our crazy life? I'll fill in the blanks later.


Micah loves playing outside, and since the days have warmed up, we play outside often.


A couple of months ago, we took a trip to the Memphis Zoo with our Sunday school class - I love this shot of Dennis and Micah looking at the big cats.


This is seriously the first picture I've taken with my sister in years. Don't know how that happened, but I'm glad we've got a new one.


We went to Starkville for several baseball games. Micah knows what a cowbell is, and she knows how to use it :)


Summer days in Mississippi are hot, hence Micah's newfound love for the water hose.

More to come later.

Until next time, grace and peace.