Prayers for Logan


See that cute little guy on the left? That's my nephew Logan. He's a rambunctious, active little man. Well, he's usually rambunctious and active.


Right now he's in the ICU.

These photos were all taken over the Fourth of July weekend. On July 5, he had a couple of very severe seizures that landed him in the hospital. After running countless tests, the doctors determined that he had a form of viral meningitis. They kept a close eye on him for several days, but over the weekend, he was released from the hospital and returned home.


Last night he started seizing again.

The doctors are still performing tests. He has swelling on both sides of his brain, and they're now thinking that he has encephalitis that has perhaps been induced by the meningitis.

He's in bad shape, y'all.

I tell you all of this to ask for your prayers. Pray for wisdom on the part of the doctors. Pray for a clear diagnosis and effective treatment. Pray for swift healing. Pray for easing of pain, cessation of seizures, and restorative rest. Pray for strength and comfort for his parents during this time.


Please pray. Logan needs all the help you can give.

Until next time, grace and peace.