Update on Logan: Don't Stop Praying

Note: This is a follow-up post regarding some medical trouble that my nephew has had. You can read all the posts about Logan's condition here. The posts are listed by recency, so start reading at the bottom of the list. It's difficult for me to go on with life as usual these days. I have piles of work that need tackling, but yesterday I found myself unable to focus. My mind was on my little nephew hundreds of miles away at Arkansas Children's Hospital.


Bless his heart.


It's hard to believe that just a few days before the whole ordeal started at the beginning of July, he was playing on the beach. It's been an incredibly rough month and a half since then.

I just got off the phone with Dennis' mom, and she said that the swelling had receded a tiny bit. But not much. He has lost control of his limbs. They just amble all over the place on their own. The high doses of steroids that he's on could be causing it, or the swelling could be causing it. Only time will tell which it is. He has not slept since 3 o'clock yesterday morning. He's amped up and restless, and I'm sure he's exhausted.

Which leads me to the specific prayers I'm asking you to pray.

Continue to pray for a miracle - for God to stretch out His hand, touch Logan's swollen brain, and make it better than new. Pray for rest and restoration. For restorative sleep. Pray that there would be no long-term damage. That the incessant wiggling and wriggling of his arms and legs would cease. That when all of this is over, he would be the same happy and vibrant little boy that he was before.

Pray for God to guide and direct the doctors as they treat my sweet nephew - for wisdom and discernment as they decide courses of action - for God to use them as instruments of healing in His hands.

Pray for peace and comfort for Ginger and Bobby (Logan's parents). Pray that God would strengthen them and grant them all they need to handle this difficult situation. That they would be able to rest. That their fears would be eased. That God would make His presence known to them now.

And finally, continue to pray for God to glorify Himself. For complete healing and restoration that cannot be explained any other way than that God Himself had a hand in it.

Please pray.

Until next time, grace and peace.