What a Difference a Year Makes


This one turned two on September 17. It seems like this second year has passed more quickly than the first, and every time I flip through pictures from Christmas or even Easter, I marvel at how much my little girl has grown up. Last year I had a baby. This year I have a toddler.

one year vs two

At two years old, Micah is quite a character. Every day I marvel at how quickly she's learning things. New words abound these days, and she simply amazes me. I think she's pretty smart. She can count to three (and sometimes four or five), she knows most of her colors (although her favorite is pink), and she's pretty good at shapes. Each day when I pick her up from preschool and talk to her about her day, I'm blown away by the fact that we can have actual conversations.

She's a sweet girl, but she's also got a mind of her own. She's not above throwing a temper tantrum, but I think she's learning that her Mama's more stubborn than she is. She's stingy with her kisses and only gives them out at bedtime, when she makes sure everyone gets their nighttime sugar.


She loves to read and sometimes sleeps with her books. Just like her Mama.

Her newest phrase is "Okie Dokie," which she must have picked up at preschool. She says it all the time. Melts my heart.

Her birthday was on a Saturday, and now she thinks all birthdays are on Saturday. All cake is "Happy Cake" which is what she calls birthday cake, and ever since her birthday, she's been kind of obsessed with singing Happy Birthday, but she always leaves out the word birthday. Micah's version of the song goes something like this:

....Happy....to you.... ....Happy....to you.... ....Happy....to you....

Until she gets tired of singing it.

And did I mention that she loves Elmo? That's probably putting it mildly. I think she'd marry him tomorrow if she could.

She's pretty fond of Mickey Mouse, too.


I love this little girl more every day. I'm so thankful that God trusted me enough to be her mommy, and I pray that she grows into a woman who pursues Him with abandon. I can't wait to see what He has in store for her.

Until next time, grace and peace.