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Surprise, surprise. It's me again. Look out world, I've posted two days in a row :)

I've been thinking a lot about yesterday's post, and I realize that it could have come across as a bit, well, depressing.

Rest assured that Peanut (our temporary name for bambino numero dos) is not unwanted. To the contrary, we have talked about Peanut since before Micah was born. Peanut is most definitely wanted and loved. That said, Peanut's emergence into our lives is unexpected and unplanned at the moment.

And in case you were wondering, unplanned pregnancy is hard. Period. Yes, this child is a blessing, and I am thankful that we have the means to care for and nurture Peanut. I am overwhelmed by the idea that God has entrusted yet another human being to our care, and yet, now that I've had a few months to get used to the idea, our lives would somehow be incomplete without this baby. This unplanned, unexpected baby is most certainly loved and wanted.

And so, life goes on. I am adjusting to the idea that Micah will be a big sister soon - even if I have absolutely no idea where Peanut is going to sleep. We've got some time to figure all that out.

I'm also learning that there's some wisdom in adding "God willing," to all your future plans. God willing, Peanut will arrive into this world a happy and healthy child. God willing, Micah will be the best big sister there ever was. And God willing, Dennis and I will be the kind of parents that God created us to be.

Until next time (God willing), grace and peace.