Free Printable Mother's Day Card: You're Amazing

Newsflash: Mother's Day is coming up soon and will be here before you know it - May 12th, to be exact. This year, I've designed a freebie for you that's directly drawn from something my little girl tells me every day, at least 37 times a day.

Over the past several months, Micah has dubbed all girls amazing and all boys awesome. She routinely calls out to me while she's playing just to remind me that I'm amazing.

This is how the conversation goes:

Micah: "Hey Mama!"

Me: "What is it, baby?"

Micah: "You're amazing!"

Me: "You're amazing too, Micah."

Micah: "I know."

As you can imagine, it's pretty amazing for my self esteem.

In honor of my self-assured little girl, I've created a free printable Mother's Day card for all of you who have mothers as amazing as me :)

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If you're the DIY sort, feel free to download this free printable mother's day card. If you love it, and your mom loved it too, please leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time, grace and peace.

THE SMALL PRINT: You may not accept credit for the design of this card or sell it to anyone. Leslie Ann Jones retains the copyright. If you wish to share the digital file with others, please direct them to this post. Do not e-mail the file all over the world. Please don’t link directly to the download file. Click to download your Free Printable Amazing Mama Card!