Custom Design: Near and Far Military Family Christmas Cards


I know, it's kind of strange to feature Christmas cards in March, but I promise there's a good reason for it. Just keep reading, you'll see. Last holiday season, Amanda from AYP Photography and I teamed up to make life easier for her clients and offer them a selection of beautifully-designed Christmas cards, but she had one client, Lori, who had more of a custom design in mind. Lori's husband was serving overseas in the military and unable to make any of the family photo sessions, but Lori really wanted to find a way to include him in their Christmas cards. Here's the design we came up with.


It was a tremendous honor to work with a military family on such a special project. I'm so appreciative of the sacrifices military families make for the rest of us. The Davis family is one of many, and I was proud to help their family in some small way.

Last week, I was pleased to hear that far finally came near for the Davis Family. Lt. Col. Davis came home a few days early, surprising his family at an Ole Miss basketball game, and the reunion was priceless.

In case you were wondering, this is the best part about my job. I love making connections with people and getting to be a tiny little part of the special little moments of their lives. I wish I had more time for custom work, but between taking care of two little ladies, filling orders in the etsy shop, and trying to keep the laundry pile at a manageable level, it doesn't always happen. I'm glad it worked out this time around.

Until next time, grace and peace.