Freebie: Easter Egg Decorating Party Invitation

Every time Micah catches a glimpse of the box of food coloring in the cabinet, she asks if we can dye eggs. She really, really loves it - what kid doesn't? It's something she looks forward to every year, and it's been so much fun to watch her change from this little toddler who "dyed" plastic eggs into an independent little 4-year-old who can do it all by herself.


This year, I'm planning on having a small little egg dyeing party with some of the girls' closest friends. I worked on these invitations all afternoon yesterday, filled in all the blanks, and then realized that we'll be out of town that weekend. Guess we'll have to reschedule.


I'm envisioning a little party outside on the deck with Kool-Aid for egg dye, stickers and washi tape for embellishments, and fun memories with friends. If I get ambitious, there might be some snacks involved, but let's don't go overboard :)


If you're hosting your own Easter Egg Decorating Party, click here to download these DIY Printable Easter Egg Decorating Party invites, print and cut them out, and hand them out to all your kiddo's little friends. Or your friends. Because grown-ups like to have fun too, right??

If you download the invitations and enjoy them, please leave a comment to let me know! I'd love to hear about your party. Happy printing!

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Until next time, grace and peace.

THE SMALL PRINT: You may not accept credit for the design of this card or sell it to anyone. Leslie Ann Jones retains the copyright. If you wish to share the digital file with others, please direct them to this post. Do not e-mail the file all over the world. Please don’t link directly to the download file. Click to download your Free Printable Easter Egg Decorating Party Invitations!