Happy Easter, Y'all!


Easter is my favorite, y'all. Over the past week, we've celebrated with friends from preschool and church, hunted eggs more times than I can count, and decorated eggs with a handful of friends. We've opened our resurrection eggs, made (and enjoyed eating) resurrection rolls, and talked about Jesus' death and resurrection constantly.

Because for us, Easter is so much more than new spring dresses and chocolate bunnies. It's more than the baskets and the egg hunts and the peeps. It's the most important part of the Christian faith. It is central to the gospel message.

Without the resurrection, Jesus Christ is just another dead prophet. Without the resurrection, death wins, and we are hopeless. Without the resurrection, we who call ourselves Christians are most unfortunate indeed. That's what the apostle Paul says, anyway (1 Corinthians 15).

Thank God for the resurrection. Because Christ has been raised, we are confident that death doesn't get the final say. Life wins, and we have hope for a future where there is no more death, no more tears, no more pain. There will be no more sickness or suffering or sorrow.

And that, my friends, is what Easter is all about. It's the first ray of sunshine after a dark, dark night. It's the preview of the main event. It's the assurance we so desperately need that everything is going to be OK after all.

And so today, on this Resurrection Sunday, I wish you a Happy Easter. May the joy and hope of that first Easter morning flood your hearts today and every day from now until eternity.

Until next time, grace and peace.