Sometimes You Just Get a Case of the Hiccups

Hey y'all! Hope all is well in your corner of the world! We had a wonderful holiday with our family, but now I'm just looking forward to getting back into our routine. I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a good routine. With the shop launch and all the changes going on in my work life, it's been a while since I've shared anything personal. But y'all. I just can't hold this one back.

Sunday night was the Hanging of the Green at our church, and all the children's choirs performed. My big girl had her very first solo, and she was so excited. She's been singing the song so much over the past few weeks that her 3-year-old sister knows it just as well. We'd been looking forward to the performance, and apparently, so had everyone else. The sanctuary was packed.

But y'all. The poor little thing hiccuped her way through the whole entire solo. Literally. It was both precious and hilarious, and I was so proud of the way she pushed through. 

See? Is that not one of the cutest things you've ever seen?? She handled it so well, but I'm afraid that if I had been in her shoes, I would have been mortified and paralyzed by the fear of looking silly in front of nearly everyone I knew. But not Micah. She just giggled and carried on as best she could.

This morning, I got to thinking about all the little things in life that we just can't control, hiccups included, and I realized that I could stand to learn something from my dear little daughter. Lucky for you, I'm here to pass it along: When you get a case of the hiccups, you can try standing on your head or swallowing water upside down or any other crazy remedy you may have heard, but in the end, there's nothing that you can do to cure them. All you can do is giggle and move on. The recovering perfectionist in me really needed that lesson. 

Apply that piece of wisdom however you see fit. You're welcome. Until next time, grace and peace.