To All The Women Who Have Loved Me Well

Christian author and speaker Leslie Ann Jones with her daughters.

These two love me so well. I'm so glad that God saw fit to make them mine. Happy Mother's Day, y'all! As I think about mothering these two little ladies and helping them grow into the women that God has created them to be, I'm reminded of the precious women who did the same for me.

On this Mother's Day, I'm thankful not just for my mama and my mother-in-law, but also for all the women who have loved me and shaped me over the years. I had the sweet privilege of teaching an older ladies' Sunday school class this morning. After class one of the women (who happened to be my assistant second grade teacher) came up to me and spoke some encouragement over me. It blessed my heart in big ways.

The truth is that I wouldn't be who I am without the influence of the countless godly women who have "mothered" me throughout my life. I've been so blessed by their encouragement and wisdom, and I can't imagine how I would have turned out if they hadn't taken the time to pour into me. The Lord certainly knew what he was doing when he brought us together.

Who are you thankful for today? Who has loved you well and "mothered" you over the years?

Until next time, grace and peace.