Happy Anniversary, Honey


No wonder we have a blue-eyed baby!

Five years ago today, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend. Now, five years later, I cannot imagine life without Dennis. We live a blessed and happy life, and I'm so grateful that God brought the two of us together. Dennis is truly my best friend. He is the one that I want to talk to at the end of a long day. He's also the one that I want to sit with on the front porch after Micah goes to sleep.

He's an engineer through and through, and I most definitely am not. He's a planner. I'm a dreamer. He's a country boy. I'm a girl from the suburbs. He wears Wranglers. I prefer Gap jeans. As different as we are, we're enough alike that we complete each other's sentences and think the same things at the same time. Somehow it all works, and I wouldn't trade the life we have together for anything else in the world.

I love you, Dennis. And I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Happy anniversary, honey!

Until next time, grace and peace.