A Purple Owl Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago, I promised an entry devoted to Micah's very first birthday party, and it's about time that I got around to posting it, don't you think?? One of Micah's favorite toys is a tiny stuffed owl that came with her bouncy seat, so when it came time to design a birthday party collection for my little girl, I chose to use a sweet little owl as the image for Micah's party.


The little owl on her invitation became the icon of her party, and I used it over and over again in the decorations, from the yard signs, to the banner, to the cupcake toppers, to Micah's smash cake topper.


I love the owl - especially her little flower hairbow. It was no coincidence that Micah's hairbow matched her owl's :) A dear friend made Micah's purple owl dress, and I think it turned out really cute. Not too matchy, matchy. But very sweet.


Of course, we had to remove the cute dress when it came time for Micah to dig into her cake. I didn't want icing all over that little dress! So we took it off, sang "happy birthday" and waited for Micah to dig in. Then we waited some more. Finally, I gave her a taste and broke off some pieces for her, and she enjoyed those, but she wasn't really interested in smashing the cake.


I decorated our newly finished deck (thanks, Dennis!) with the tissue paper pom-pom balls I told you about earlier. The pomanders couldn't have been any more colorful or lively, and I think they set a pretty fun tone for the whole event.


Overall, Micah's party was a sweet and cute event. I loved celebrating our little girl's big day with so many wonderful friends and family, and great fun was had by all. Especially by Micah. She's still having fun with all those pom-poms I made. They make good toys, you know!

All of the owl party items above are available in the Senojal Designs etsy shop. Be sure to stop on by and check them out if you're planning an owl party for your little one!

Until next time, grace and peace.