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How To Tuesday: Rolled Fabric Flowers

Welcome to How To Tuesday, where I'll introduce you to some of my favorite DIY craft projects from all over the web. I have a folder bookmarked on my computer that's chock-full of fun DIY projects. I saved some of the ideas for inspiration and others because I just thought they were pretty or fun, and now I'm sharing them with you.

rolled felt flowers

(photo credit my sparkle)

This week, I bring you fun and funky rolled fabric flowers from my sparkle. These are super simple to make, and I'm planning on making a few of them very soon. You only need some leftover fabric and a bit of fabric clue to make some pretty little flowers. Pop them on a headband or throw them on a wreath {as I plan to do}, and you've instantly jazzed up an otherwise ho-hum piece.

You can find the full tutorial at my sparkle. Happy crafting!

Until next time, grace and peace.