Holy Week Day 3: Holy Tuesday

Reflections on #Holy Week from Leslie Ann Jones #HolyWeekWithJesus

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Suggested Readings: Psalm 118:19-27Psalm 110, and Luke 20

On Holy Tuesday, temple leaders challenged Jesus by putting him to the test. Literally. They raised a number of theological debates with him and questioned both his teaching and his God-given authority, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't stump him.

It's been good for me to slowly walk through these passages. They come to mind throughout the day, and I'm finding that as the unrest in Jerusalem grows, so also does the unrest in my heart. The hard truth is that he was there, facing hostility and opposition, for my sake and for yours. If not for our sin, his death would not have been necessary.

I may not have been there setting traps for him and conspiring against him, but I am just as guilty for his death. Thank God for his incredible mercy and his marvelous grace. I need it today.

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