Happy Signs of Spring

Did y'all know that it's spring already? I've been relishing life without running the heater as the thermostat in our house has risen from a steady 68 to 70 to 72 and has finally landed at 76. That's when I had to turn the air conditioner on for just a few minutes. My baby was sweating on me while I rocked her. That's a sure sign that it's too warm in the house. AC or not, I'm already excited about receiving our next power bill; it has to be lower than it was last month. Lower electricity bill aside, I love spring. It's absolutely my favorite time of year. After the coldness and deadness and drabness and dreariness of winter, my soul needs the spring. It longs for sunny days, daffodils peeking through the grass, bursts of forsythia, and Bradford Pear trees burdened with thousands of tiny blooms.

Oh, and flip flops.

And painted toenails.

My soul needs those things too.

A couple of weeks ago, Micah and I ventured outside for her first outdoor photo shoot, and while we were out, I snapped a few shots of the forsythia and Bradford pear blooms. They're the first herald of spring around here.


Sigh. Seeing those two things made my heart happy.

So do flip flops.

And painted toenails.

What makes your heart happy?

Until next time, grace and peace.