Scattered Thoughts

I started to write earlier today, but Micah cut my post short when she awakened from her nap far too early. Fierce resistance of sleep is apparently our new normal. We're headed back to the pediatrician in the morning to see if the tonsillitis has gotten any better. I know without even going to the doctor that something isn't right with my child. She's not her normal happy, healthy, easy-go-lucky, content self. That has made life a little difficult lately, which has not allowed me to keep up with my promise to post five days a week. But last week I posted four times. That's 80 percent of my goal.

An 80 isn't a shabby grade, is it?

I would have flipped out if I had gotten an 80 on a report card. I was such an over-achieving perfectionist. I had issues. I hope I don't project them onto my children.

I'm obviously scattered right now. I've found it difficult to collect my thoughts over the past week. Most of my energy {and that includes brain activity} has been focused around soothing my sick child.

It's difficult for me to focus on much else.

But I did manage to complete a couple of custom designs last week, and I'm super excited to share them with you, but it will have to wait until at least tomorrow.

The doctor's appointment is early in the morning, and I need to dry my hair before I can crawl into bed.

If you're the praying type, please pray that my child will sleep well tonight. We could all use the rest :)

Until next time, grace and peace.