Baby Dedication

Two days ago, Dennis and I stood in front of our church and "committed ourselves to the Christian nurture" of our daughter. It was a precious moment, celebrated with family and friends. Micah won't remember the day. She won't remember the prayer. She won't remember the way she wriggled in my arms and tried to eat her shoes. But we will remember.

I've always been amazed that God would give me a job so important...that he would entrust me with the task of raising one of his sweet little children. I try to be a good mother not just because I love my daughter. Not just because I'm a perfectionist. But because for some crazy reason, God gave me this task. I want to do well because I want God to be pleased with the job I've done.

Micah is a sweet little girl. We rarely have days when I want to call a do-over. She's got an infectious grin and a laugh that bubbles out of her. Every day, she shows me a new facet of her personality, and I'm quite surprised that so much life can fit into such a tiny package. She's a sweet and precious gift from God. She's cute as a button too; that doesn't hurt.


It is my prayer that she will grow into a beautiful young woman who loves the Lord and chases after him with abandon. I know that I can't shelter her from pain, but I pray that the hard times she faces will help her appreciate the good even more. I pray that God will transform us into the kind of parents that he created us to be. That he will grant us patience, and kindness, and grace and mercy as we raise his baby girl. I pray that God will help her forgive us when we make mistakes, that he will cultivate a gentle spirit, a contrite heart and a sweet disposition in her. I thank God for Micah every time she falls asleep in my arms. I pray that she will make her heavenly father proud. I pray that she will love him. I pray that she knows how much we love her, how much we care for her, how often we pray for her. I pray that God gets ahold of her in the same way he got ahold of me - in a way that will leave her forever changed - for the better.

These are the things I pray.

Some of them, anyway.

Will you pray with me?

The thing I love about baby dedications is that I get to pray for a tiny little person and his parents. That I get to call that child by name and ask God to protect and nurture, to guide and bless him. It's a privilege that I love to be a part of.

I love it, because I feel like we're really being the church when we commit to help raise a child. Will you be the church for us and pray for our family as we raise this precious little girl?

Until next time, grace and peace.