Adventures in Babyland

I have been meaning to sit down and write all week long, but every time I logged in to begin writing, something else popped up, and I was unable to get my thoughts down in written form. Ah well, such is the life of a modern homemaker. Speaking of which, my friend Annie over at Sister Wisdom is running a series of posts on Modern Homemaking over the next few weeks, and I was happy to contribute a post for the series. Look for my entry on Monday. It was nice to spend a few minutes reflecting on this crazy life that we live, and I very much enjoyed writing the post.

In other news, Micah has gotten very adventurous lately. It's as if someone wound up the key stuck in her back, and she came to life. Her voice box has been turned over, and she babbles incessantly. She's in full-on creeping/crawling mode, and she's started pulling up to her knees. She's mastered the art of sitting back up after she's been rolling around on the floor, and she picks up finger food all by herself.

She's a cute little booger, and she doesn't stay still long enough for the camera to focus on her sweet face most of the time, but I managed to capture a few good ones for her monthly date with the sock monkey.


She's cute, but she's stubborn like her mama and daddy. And a picky eater. Like her mama used to be. Like her daddy still is.

Starting solid food with her has not been the most fun thing in the world. I've given up on baby food and have started giving her table food. At 8 and a half months, the child eats bananas, bread, grits, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and puffs. She despises apple juice, but she'll sip water. She occasionally tolerates peas, but they're not her favorite. She refuses to eat any form of vegetables. When she decides she doesn't like something I've given her, she refuses to close her mouth and swallow the food. She doesn't spit it out, she just sits there with her mouth hanging open until enough saliva drips out of her mouth to carry the food with it. It's just as disgusting as it sounds. But kind of funny at the same time.

She's a trip, that's for sure.

She's changed so much in the past few weeks, it's unreal. We're hitting some major milestones, and I'm watching my baby become a little toddler, which is exciting and scary at the same time.

Look out, world. Micah's on the move, and she's coming to get you!

Until next time, grace and peace.