Signs of Life: Spring's Comin' Y'all!

You'll never believe what I've been seeing lately. This winter has seemed SO long, and every time I turned around, it seemed like we were getting more snow. That's saying something in Mississippi. Just so you know. Anyway, over the past few days, I started seeing signs of life that made me run and grab the camera to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Sure enough, the forsythia and Bradford Pear trees are blooming yet again.



I love those two heralds of spring. I've never been so excited to see blooming plants in my life.

Micah and I celebrated by spending the morning in the park. She played on the bouncy motorcycle thing, and I tried to coax her up the stairs to go down the slide, but in the end, she was satisfied to play with the multitude of acorns scattered across the ground. They fascinated her.


Oh, the life of an almost-18-month-old. Sometimes I wonder how the world looks through her eyes. She's so easily captivated by the simplest things, and there are moments when I wish that I could recapture some of that wide-eyed wonder.

We're so glad that spring is unpacking its bags and setting up to stay for a little while. How are you enjoying the warmer weather??

Until next time, grace and peace.