A New Adventure: Sharing Childcare

Today has been a fun and busy day. As many of you know, Dennis and I don't have any family around here, which makes life difficult sometimes. It would be nice to have grandparents around who could keep Micah whenever I have a deadline approaching or work overwhelms me, but I suppose it's just not to be. I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, and I want Micah at home with me, but sometimes, I just need to get some work done. Enter the new adventure.

I made a proposal to one of my sweet friends about swapping childcare two days a week. One day, I'll have her little girl along with Micah, and another day, she'll have both girls. Today is the first day of the new adventure, and it's been fun to see Micah playing with Chloe. They get along really well, and so far, this adventure is going well.

We'll see what Nikki has to say after keeping Micah tomorrow :)

sharing childcare

If you need a day off during the week to get a few things accomplished, why not trade out babysitting with a friend? If you don't need or want full-time or even part-time daycare, then it's a solution that you should consider. Watching two is easier than watching one, because they can entertain and learn from each other. Best of all? I completely trust Nikki and know that I don't have anything to worry about with Micah under her care. AND, it's free, which, of course, is always nice.

The girls are really enjoying playing with each other, and I'm enjoying them. An added perk? Their nap times coincide, so we all get a break for a little while.

Until next time, grace and peace.