Days Fly By...And Brownies are ALWAYS Good

It's been another busy week, which is surprising, considering that I haven't done much real work (the kind that I get paid for) since Monday. We've been to Corinth and Florence, and although I haven't gone grocery shopping, we've somehow managed to survive. There has been painting, felt flower making, stationery printing, baby shower planning, bowling, bathroom cleaning, babysitting, and lots of general silliness. The week has been full of this and that, and I'm ready for a weekend with my little family. Nothing exciting planned, just a couple of days off to relax and enjoy one another. I read a post on Her.meneutics today about the everyday grace of the "quotidian" stuff of life. Quotidian things, according to the article, are the commonplace, ordinary practices of everyday life. I'm certainly not a master of the balancing act required to be a stay-at-home, working-from-home mommy, but I'm trying. As I scrubbed the shower this week for the first time since December (yes, it really was that bad), I realized that sometimes it's in the drudgery that character is formed. I mean, who really wants to clean a shower? Or wash the dishes? Or change poopy diapers? Or cook supper...again? But the things that we do day in and day out whether we want to or not are the things that help us maintain an orderly and worshipful life. You really should go read more about it on Her.meneutics.

It's been a quotidian week. In parting, I thought I'd leave you with a snapshot from the quotidian life we live. It's sure to make you smile. Brownie batter anyone??

micah brownies

As Micah would say, yum, yum!

Until next time, grace and peace.