Writing Project: Student Life Prime


It's been a while since I've written in detail about my writing projects. Lately, I've been wrapped up in two major contracts, one of which is Prime, the new Bible Study by Student Life. I signed on to write six lessons for this study, and I'm really excited and honored to have been a part of it. I've written five of the six, and honestly, I'll be a little sad to wrap it all up, but I'm hoping to start teaching through this study with my girls in the fall.

Prime is a 48-week study divided into eight 6-week sections, and the entire study is all about living for God above anything else. The lessons talk about being holy, spiritual disciplines, stewardship, the book of James, big questions that we wrestle with, and more. If you're looking for new curriculum to start with your students in the fall, I can't recommend Prime highly enough, but, of course, being one of the writers, I'm biased. It's not available for purchase yet, but it will be ready for the new church year starting in September.

Just thought I'd give you a little more info on what's keeping me busy these days. More on my recent writing projects to come later!

Until next time, grace and peace.