One Short Year


A year ago today, this is what I was doing. Eighteen hours after going into the hospital for a labor that was sure to be "quick and easy," my littlest lady was born. A year ago, I wondered why it was taking her so long to make an appearance. Now I know that she does everything in her own time, not a bit sooner.

She is, without a doubt, one of the greatest joys in my life. My favorite moments of every day are the quiet minutes after she and her sister first wake up. We all pile up in the bed and snuggle together for a few short minutes before the day begins. Kendall lays her little head down on my chest and lets me cuddle with her. Then she demands breakfast.


The years are short, but the days are long. One short year later, and my itty bitty newborn isn't so little anymore. We have some loooooong days. Sometimes I think they're never going to end, but they inevitably do, and here I am after 365 of them, wondering how it all passed so quickly. Crazy, I know.

At any rate, this little girl is one of a kind. Unless it involves eating, she's not in a hurry to do anything. With a big sister and four adults at her beck and call, she has no incentive to crawl, much less walk. She'll get there eventually...just not yet.

She is so, so, sweet, and I'm so grateful that God chose me to be her mommy. My prayer for her today and every day is that she will become a young woman who loves and serves the Lord with all her heart. That He would protect and preserve that tender little heart for the man she will eventually marry. That she would share an unbreakable bond with her sister. And of course, that by some miracle of God, we'll be able to do this parenting thing without totally screwing her up.

That's the goal, isn't it?

We're celebrating my sweet girl's birthday with family and friends this weekend. Expect to be inundated with pictures later.

Until next time, grace and peace.