Holy Week With Jesus: Reflections and Resources

Hello friends! I hope that your walk through Holy Week with Jesus has been rewarding. I thought it would be helpful to collect some resources for #HolyWeekWithJesus in one place. So, here, on this page, is everything you'll need to finish out the week.

I've included the free printable Holy Week reading guide, a Spotify playlist full of Easter songs, and short reflections on each day of readings. I've selected a key verse from each day's reading and created a simple graphic that you can share on social media if you want. You can find those on the daily reflection pages, linked below. Also, the other day, I came across some really helpful videos from The Gospel Coalition about each day of Holy Week, so I've included those on each day's reflection as well.

I'll update this list each morning for the rest of the week with new reflections for the day. May the Lord draw you ever nearer to him as Easter Sunday approaches.