The Simple Things: How a Water Trough Saved the Day

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who expressed kindness and concern for Micah the other day. I promise, she's not upset all the time, but when she does miss her friends, she's very, very sad. Understandably so, I'd say. Anyway, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit and show you our version of a baby pool.


Who needs a brightly colored molded plastic baby pool when you've got an extra water trough laying around? Don't worry, we cleaned it first. Or, at least, Dennis told me he cleaned it.


Seriously, we have no idea what happened to our baby pool. We're thinking that it may have blown away during a storm last year. Or maybe Dennis hauled it off because it was cracked. I don't know, but it's gone, and when the weather started heating up, we didn't have a pool for the girls to use. I was a little leery when Dennis first suggested the trough, but, obviously, the girls don't mind.


Fun times are being had at the Jones household this summer. We don't do this every day, but we do it a couple of times a week.


It's the simple things, ya know?

Until next time, grace and peace.