Limitless: Ephesians, Week 6: Walk in Wisdom

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To get the most out of the study, you should complete the work in the book before listening to the audio teaching each week. This week's podcast covers the homework found on page 32 of the workbook. It includes teaching on Ephesians 4:17-5:21, in which Paul continues his ethical exhortations to the believers in and around Ephesus. He issues a call for believers to be holy in all areas of life. The way we conduct ourselves in the world matters; we are to be other-worldly in our lifestyles, behavior, and ethics. When we do this, we reflect the ways of the Father to a watching world.

This kind of life is only possible through the Spirit's work in our minds, hearts, and lives. It's my prayer that the Spirit would work powerfully in each of us to transform us into the people that God created us to be.