Limitless: Ephesians, Week 7: Right Relationships

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To get the most out of the study, you should complete the work in the book before listening to the audio teaching each week. This week's podcast covers the homework found on page 39 of the workbook. It includes teaching on Ephesians 5:22-6:9, in which Paul gives instructions to the Ephesians regarding right relationships in the household. He calls for believers to submit even the most intimate of relationships to the authority of Christ, which changes everything about the way we interact with others. A relationship with Christ should transform all other relationships, including those of marriage, family, and the workplace.

It is in our most intimate relationships that true character is revealed. The way we treat others speaks volumes about the type of people we are. In all of our relationships, we must choose between honoring God and honoring ourselves. What will it be for you?