Limitless: Ephesians, Week 8: Suit Up

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To get the most out of the study, you should complete the work in the book before listening to the audio teaching each week. This week's podcast covers the homework found on page 46 of the workbook. It includes teaching on Ephesians 6:10-24, in which Paul closes out his letter to the believers in and around Ephesus with a powerful exhortation to stand firm in the face of overwhelming evil. He leaves them, and us, with a lasting image of suiting up to join int he spiritual fight against evil—and above all else—he calls them to stand firm.

If we are to stand firm in the face of overwhelming evil, we must gather strength from the Lord, wield his Word as a weapon, pray fervently, and love with an incorruptible love. May we be vessels of God's limitless love, grace, mercy and kindness. May we be ambassadors of light and harbingers of truth in a dark and broken world. And above all else, may we stand. Amen.